Virginia Birth Certificate

In the United States, it’s required that a government-issued document records the birth of a child. This is the very first legal document that you receive as an American. You can obtain a Virginia birth certificate through the, as it’s used in keeping correct numbers and information in the:

  • Census
  • Vital Statistics
  • Taxes
  • Military

Each state, county or municipality can produce a free birth certificate for the citizens. There are mandatory federal guidelines that must be included on the document. 

The standard form is submitted by mail or electronically to the state by the parents, doctors,or the hospital where the child was born. When all the information is submitted, a birth certificate is issued for the baby. The following information is required on the certificate of live birth when the baby is born in America:

  • Birthdate
  • The hospital’s name
  • The doctors’ name
  • Name given to baby
  • Description of baby’s gender, race, weight, & List any health problems
  • Each of the parents’ names
  • Name of person filling out the birth certificate form

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Virginia?

You can obtain a birth certificate by determining if you need a long or short certificate. A long certificate is the official birth certificate that contains all the legal proof of identity and citizenship. The short certificate has only a small amount of information of the holder. An official birth certificate in the United States serves as legal proof of:

  • The American Citizen’s identity
  • The Citizenship Status
  • The Citizen’s Age
  • You Are A Legal Citizen

Depending on what you need your birth certificate for will determine if you need the official certificate long form that has all information pertaining to your birth. You would need it to register for school, military, and more. The short certificate will allow you minimum information but will let the party know they are a citizen of the United States.

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Virginia Birth Certificate Request

There are occasions to need your birth certificate quickly. You can pick it up in person, however, if you were born in another state, you would need to go to that vital records office in that city and state the birth was registered. It could be a burden to travel to another state. 

If you happen to live in the state you were born in, going to the vital records office wouldn’t be such a burden. Keep in mind the office may or may not be busy and if waiting in line isn’t something you want to do; you may want to go online. The positive side of going in person is you most likely can get the birth certificate the same day.

One thing to remember when getting a birth certificate for someone else, do you have the eligibility to request it. Some things to consider are:

  • The person who is named on the certificate.
  • The parent named on the certificate
  • A wife, husband or child can order it but may need to order it through the court system. You will need to have proof of ID and proof of relationship and an explanation of why you’re requesting it.

Virginia Birth Certificate Application

We understand the importance of getting your birth certificate quickly and efficiently There are times that require the birth certificate for a job, driver’s license, register for school or college or a passport for a trip out of the country.

We’re state-certified and offer the raised or embossed seal directly from the state you requested the certificate. It’s our purpose to get your birth certificate as easy as possible. We keep all information completely confidential. With our simple form online, it can be a smooth process.

The online form consists of name and address, billing and shipping information. We also need verification information in order to get birth certificate online. This information can be faxed to us if you prefer. 

We do guarantee a quick turnaround of your birth certificate. It’s usually on the way to you within a few days. It may interest you to know we also can order a birth certificate even if born abroad if one of your parents were born in the United States. Just follow the link Born Overseas. 

You can be assured that as an industry leader, it’s been our privilege of helping people with their important documents since March 2000. We can offer UPS delivery in 2-3 days. It is our goal to have satisfied customers. 

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