Texas Birth Certificate

It used to be that not having a birth certificate was no big deal. First of all, to obtain a Drivers’s License or a Texas ID card you must prove you are a U.S. Citizen or a legal resident. Certain additional documents will be required for those who are legal residents, but for those who are citizens, the only acceptable documents are a valid U.S. passport or a birth certificate. 

In addition, the Real ID Act fully kicks in in October of 2020, so unless a state such as Texas issues driver licenses or ID requiring proof of identity, you will not be able to fly on any commercial airline.

Besides driver licenses and flying, you will need a birth certificate to:

  •  Get Married 
  •  Regester a child for school 
  •  Get a social security number 
  •  Obtain a U.S. passport 
  •  Obtain government benefits such as food stamps 
  •  Register a child in most sports programs 
  •  It may be one of the required documents in order to work

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Texas?

Getting a certified copy of your birth certificate depends in part on whether you were born in Texas, born in the United States, or born in another country. 

Since in the U.S., individual States issue birth certificates, if you were born in New York or California as an example. In California, you begin with the California Department of Public Health (CDHP) website. In New York, you can obtain yours through the New York State Department of Health.

Once you obtain the desired form asked for an authorized copy. This will be a copy with a raised seal. Informational copies will not normally be accepted by most government agencies. 

Once you’ve completed the form, you must generally, as in the case of California, get your signature notarized. Notaries are officially registered individuals capable of attesting that they witness that it is your signature. To attest to that, they will attach their state-authorized notary seal.

If you were born in Texas, you can get a copy or your or your child’s birth certificate from the Texas Department of State Health Services – Vital Statistics Section. You can mail it, submit it online or go directly to the Vital Statistics Office in Austin Texas. 

If you were born outside the United States or its territories, the best advice is to contact the embassy or consulate of the country within the United States. See U.S. Gov for a list of all operating embassies and consulates in the U.S.

Birth certificate US

Texas Birth Certificate Request

The Texas Department of State Health Services-Vital Statistics Department has its own portal for ordering birth certificates at  Texas Birth Certificates 

You must carefully select the birth certificate request and then follow the instructions. Even if you wish to mail your request in or go directly to the Austin 

Office, you can still follow the portal to answer most of your questions such as how long it takes to process (roughly around 25 days for online request) and how much it costs ($22 if you wish your certificate to be processed in a standard time-frame. 

With the portal, the information is laid out step by step, so you are walked through each step before being taken to the next. However, if you want all of the information quickly, you can visit our website.

Texas Birth Certificate Application

We will send you a customized package that allows you to order your Texas Birth validity Certificate without reading a ton of documentation. 

We’ve simplified all the red tape, and provide you everything you need to know to order your Texas Birth validity Certificate safely, and without leaving your home.

Once you submit your application and payment, our technicians will go over your application to make sure there are no conflicts and when it reaches the Texas Department of State Health Services, it will go through without delay.