Ontario Birth Certificate

It is a requirement that when a child is born in Ontario, they are registered with the Government of Ontario. The registration paves the way for the guardian or parent to apply for a child’s birth certificate. The birth certificate is a record documenting a person’s birth information. An individual can use it as proof of identity. Living in Ontario gives you the freedom to order the birth certificate in-person, online, by fax, or by mail. You can only apply for a birth certificate in Ontario if the birth was registered in Ontario. The application process only allows individuals to get only one of each type of birth certificate. It implies that if a person of legal age orders a replacement certificate, the previously allocated document seizes to be valid. You need to identify the kind of birth certificate you need, if you are unsure check with the government agency or person requesting the document.

Generally, the birth certificate contains information from the original birth registration that includes:

-Date of registration
-Date of issue
-Certificate number
-Date of birth
-Registration number

People who are 16 years and above can use the certificate to obtain other vital government documents such as the adult’s passport in Canada, Ontario health card, Ontario driver’s license and the Social Insurance Number (SIN).

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Ontario?

In case you need the certificate for your child, you’ll have to apply for it. You can achieve this feat by registering the birth online or through filing a paper Statement of Live Birth form. However, you need to act fast with the registering process since you cannot start once your child is past one year old.

Three Types of Birth Certificates.

Long Form.
It is referred to as the document that contains the full information regarding your birth. It is also known as a certified copy of the birth registration. The long-form birth certificate contains more and in-depth information such as the the subject’s name, sex, date of birth, parents’ names, birthplace, parents’ date of birth, location of birth, parent’s birthplace, number of siblings born to the mother’s side, mother’s address information, the attendant at the birth, registration number, date of registration, and the date issued.

Short Form.
On the other hand, there is a short version of the birth certificate. It contains shallow birth information when compared to the long-form certificate. A short-form certificate is also a notarized document that acknowledges the existence of long-form birth certificate available with county recorder’s office. It contains vital birth information that is associated with the long-form or original certificate. It includes details such as date of birth, birthplace, individual’s name, sex, certificate number, date issued, and the date of registration.

Birth Certificate.
It is the original certificate that bears information from the birth registration. The document contains information regarding the subject on the certificate. It is devoid of the parental information, and it replaces the long and short-form birth certificates.

How do I apply online?
The Registration service allows you to register the birth of your newborn as well as their Social Insurance Number (SIN).

Register the Birth
In most health care facilities, you are handed a Statement of Live Birth form that you need to fill out and sign. The process could take up to 4 months, where you can now receive a Notice of Birth Registration in the mail.

Applying for the Birth Certificate

The Notice of Birth Registration gives you the authority to apply for the child’s birth certificate. The rest is based on filling and signing the Birth Certificate Request form and mailing it to the relevant authorities at a fee. You can visit the Ontario government website to gather more detailed information about the application process, fees, and expected duration.

You are eligible to apply for a birth certificate online if you meet the following requirements.

  • The baby is born in Ontario.
  • The baby is not more than twelve months.
  • If the registration process is not done before.

Both parents are required to register for the certificate online to certify the child’s birth.

Birth certificate US

Ontario Birth Certificate Request

Order online.
The Ontario government allows you to order any form of birth certificate after the child’s registration. The parent or guardian can also request a birth certificate online at any time after completing the child’s birth registration process. The expected timeline for getting the certificate in the mail is about 6 to 8 weeks. It is also possible to get it earlier than that if you work with the right team.

Order by mail, courier, or fax.
Initially, you need to fill out the Birth Certificate Request Form. The form allows you to order any type of birth certificate you wish. You can send the form by courier, mail or fax. You’ll find the contact and address information on the form. The expected timeline to get the certificate is around 6 to 8 weeks.

Ontario Birth Certificate Application

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