Oklahoma Birth Certificate

Persons born in the United States are initially issued a hand-written temporary birth certificate immediately upon delivery at a hospital. The official certified record of birth is mailed to the parents within a matter of weeks after the mother and child have returned home. The state of Oklahoma is no different, the initial record of birth is documented at the hospital. A certified copy of birth has importance for all major transactions in America. This document is requested for employment, school, marriage, housing, loans, credit cards, insurance and major purchases such as a house or a car. As with most adults, the need for a copy of the birth certificate may occur at least once in a lifetime. 

For those interested in verifying and constructing a family tree, the Oklahoma Department of Health has provided guidelines for genealogists and birth certificate requests that date over 125 years ago. No additional charge for these services. The stated fee applies.

Even though Oklahoma became a state in 1908, filing birth certificates did not become a regular occurrence until 1917 with official filing in the 1940s becoming a method for identification purposes.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Oklahoma?

With any request for a birth certificate, an ID is required. These requirements range from U.S. driver’s license or ID that has not expired within the last 3 years to passport to Employment Authorization or Temporary Resident cards. The requester must be able to prove his/her identity with a complete application in order to receive a certified copy of birth. If these primary items are not available, a secondary list for identification may consist of a voter registration card, pay stub or W2, even a bank statement. 

The persons able to apply for such a document are confined to rules such as being the subject on record, someone operating in the subject’s best interest or genealogical reasons. A complete list of acceptable requesters with detailed information can be located on our website.

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Oklahoma Birth Certificate Request

Those acceptable to request a certified copy of birth in Oklahoma must be the subject of the certificate, someone acting in the best interest of subject, genealogists or attorney. Our website provides a list in detail and allows spouse, child, grandchild access to these documents as well. 

Any certificates requested prior to 125 years ago do not share the same restrictions. An official ID with a complete application for these documents would not require a relationship as approval.

Request for information as it relates to adoptions are governed by rules associated with the adoption itself. Individuals hoping to learn the name of parents through this request will find the identity protected if parents requested such at the time of adoption. Detailed information for these specific requests is available on our site for your convenience.

A requester seeking an Apostille (international certification of birth) must follow the same guidelines. There is an option on the application to chose this specific document.

Oklahoma Birth Certificate Application

A requester should be prepared to include name of the subject, birth date, mother and father name of the subject, and city of birth. An application can not be acknowledged without these important details. What the document will be used for and whether or not you are an accepted requester will be present in the application as well. Be confident that the information for the subject is correct before submitting an application.

Requesters have the best option to obtain a certified copy of birth with https://www.usbirthcetificates.services/ Our website offers the same service with the same requirements for verification and information needed to search for the document. This privately owned corporation consists of skilled professionals trained to guide the requester through the application process 24/7. An encryption system secures your privacy with the governance of regulations at its core. USBirthCertificates offers a 24-hour turnaround time for an inspected, approved, and processed application which generally would require weeks from any given state.

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