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A birth certificate is one of the many vital documents that you will need to get through life in the state of New York. In fact, you will likely find that you will need an official copy of your birth certificate for one reason or another in any state that you visit at some point. Due to the inherent complication of government Systems, it can seem like a daunting task if you have ever found yourself in the situation where you needed to procure a new copy of the birth certificate. Well, we are here to help put you at ease by showing you the relatively simple and straightforward process that you can use to get a new copy. This involves working with a company that has years’ worth of professional experience negotiating with government officials on behalf of their customers in order to expedite the birth certificate renewal process.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in New York City?

There is a process that varies by state and even localities sometimes on how to receive a copy of the birth certificate. Note at this point it is important to remind you that there is a difference between a birth report and a birth certificate. A birth report is a document given to parents by the hospital when they first have their child. A birth certificate is an official government document. The process will involve contacting a department of your state which will vary by state. 

In the state of New York, you will have several fees that need to be paid. The regular fee for normal processing time is only 30$ while the expedited processing fee is 45$. Working with a professional service is only slightly more than this. When working with a company it is possible for the applications to be processed as quickly as 24 hours. The normal processing time for an application through the state of New York is between 5-6 weeks. The expedited service through the state of New York can be as quick as 2 weeks but can take up to 4 weeks as well.

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There are a few issues that are possible to encounter when you are considering applying for a new copy of your birth certificate. The most popular mistake that is encountered is when people fill in the wrong information on their request form. Something as simple as misspelling one letter of your name can hold up the process for hours or even days.

There are a few other issues that can occur as well. If it is found that it’s not possible to locate the original birth certificate you will need to escalate your search up to the federal government to comb through multiples state records. Some areas will deny applicants a copy of their birth certificate if they are unable to show that their parents have the proper documentation as well. This is a more common problem in certain parts of Texas and other countries along our southern border.

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Unfortunately, the process of applying for a new birth certificate can take up a significant amount of time. The good news is that there are companies that can offer you a safe and secure way to get through the drudgery of this paperwork. It is very important that you maintain current and valid copies of all of your vital records. The birth certificate is an important piece of this process. That is why you should make sure to relieve the stress that is associated with this process by hiring a reputable company to hold your hand through each step of the process. This is simply one of those things that are best to just get it behind you. 

The best companies will offer you the appropriate paperwork by simply selecting the state you need to be applying for. Not only will they show you the very best paperwork selection available so that you cannot spend time-wasting searching for something. Once you have downloaded the paperwork you will be pleasantly surprised by the clear instructions that are included with every state’s paperwork. These instructions will allow you to follow along and easily fill out all of the required information without making any mistakes in your first time through. This alone can help to significantly speed up the process.

once you have completed the application aspect of the process you will then need to forward the completed application to the company. Now the company will go ahead and verify that all of the required information has been properly filled in. Once the verification process has been finalized you will move into the next step.

The next step will be the documentation step. You will be sent a list of specific documents that the company will need to process the application legally. Find all of the documents and make sure that you upload clear copies of them. Submit the copies to the company to complete this step.

The final part of this process is fairly simple. All you will need to do is pay any applicable fees and play the waiting game. Once you have submitted your payment then you will type in the mailing address you would like to have your documents sent to you. After submitting the address you will need to wait for the appropriate shipping time if you are trying to receive a physical copy of the document. Vital records can take a good portion of time for you to receive them through the United States postal system. 

There are some states that will allow you to have access to a digital copy. If it is possible to get a digital copy this will almost always be by far the fastest method to get a certified copy of your birth certificate delivered to you. If you run into any type of problems along the way you can rest easy and call the professional customer service team.

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