New Jersey Birth Certificate

Having a legal birth certificate on hand is always crucial and it pertains to multiple aspects of a person’s life. There are various reasons why you may need a birth certificate such as a driver’s license, social security, Medicaid, marriage license, just to name a few. Obtaining a legal copy of your birth certificate may seem daunting to some people but fear no more.

The option to request a copy of a birth certificate can be done at the comfort of your own home. In a time where staying indoors is very important, having access to certain documents like a birth certificate from your home is absolutely convenient and can be done in no longer than 10 minutes. There are people who may not have the means of transportation to go to a vital records office.

In more recent occurrences, obtaining a birth certificate can be quite vital to many people and having a secure service such as Birth Certificates US can eliminate that long process of obtaining a copy of a New Jersey birth certificate and promising a government-endorsed official document.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in New Jersey?

To begin, the requestee much establish what type of vital record that is needed and the kind of copy it is. It is important to remember that there are different types of copies that you may request. The first is a certified copy that has a raised seal of the office supplying the record and will always be provided on the State of New Jersey safety paper.

The second option is certifications. These, on the other hand, are issued on regular paper with no raised seal thus making it invalid proof for identity or cannot be used for any legal causes. Lastly, there is the apostille seal which offers an extra seal on the copy. This document is crucial if someone is adopting internationally or establishing dual citizenship. Once you have figured out what type of copy you must obtain the next step in getting a legal and certified copy of a birth certificate.

It is pivotal to make sure that you have on hand important documents such as the application which must be filled out completely, and if applying for a certified copy on someone’s behalf you must have proof of your relationship to the person who is applying for a copy of the birth certificate, copies of proofs of identity, and if applicable, your marriage certificate in case your name has changed after being married, and last but not least the fee to be paid.

This seems like quite a bit of work especially if you have to go to a physical vital records office. Fortunately, online services such as Birth Certificates US save potential customers that fortunately eliminate that unnecessary stress.

Birth certificate US

New Jersey Birth Certificate Request

Customers are allowed to request copies of these documents from the New Jersey vital records office but independent services such as Birth Certificates US offer potential customers a faster solution in obtaining a copy of a New Jersey birth certificate. Now comes the moment where you must acquire the birth certificate copy application.

This process is very fast and will only require a handful of questions. First, you will be shown a drop-down menu with every state. Select New Jersey and select “next”. Here is where you will be asked for details such as the city of birth, county of birth (if applicable), date of birth, and then the first and last name of the person who needs the birth certificate copy and whether they have changed their name. Once you’ve reached the “review & confirm” it will ask you the gender, what type of copy you are requesting (standard size or long-form) and if you are applying for someone else it will ask you your relationship to that person or if it is just yourself.

You will also have the option to choose multiple copies or just one and at the very bottom it will provide you with a list of price options and whether you would like to expedite the document. Next, it will ask you your mother’s full name (before marriage) and the same with your father’s name. Once you have submitted the shipping info, it will ask you for a payment method while showing you the total amount due. 

New Jersey Birth Certificate Application

There you have it. There is no need to gather all of your documents and haul them to the vital records office and wait in line. With Birth Certificates US those extra steps are put to an end and have provided Americans with a fast, safe and secure system that allows you to conveniently obtain those copies in no time whatsoever. Need it right away?

No problem you have the option to have it expedited to you but at an extra cost. When you choose to use a service such as Birth Certificates US remember that you would originally pay $25 at the vital records office which in general will take weeks upon weeks for the copy to arrive. The cost for an arrangement packet offered by Birth Certificates US costs $49 which includes precise instructions on how to procure a copy of the birth certificate. Each order is examined with proper care and within 24 hours.

It takes half the time to receive your copy than if you were to go to the vital records office which could take up to a month just to process it and the same goes for express orders. Within 10 minutes your requested copy will be inspected by Birth Certificate US unlike waiting for the vital records office to work through multiple requests which means more waiting.

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