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A birth certificate is a necessary document used to establish a person’s identity for government purposes. The birth certificate is an official record of a person’s birth. They are printed on security paper and include an official embossed, raised, impressed, or multi-color seal. An official birth certificate is different from a record of birth that may be issued by a hospital, in that it is not valid for legal purposes. A birth certificate will include several details about a person’s identity. The person’s full name, which consists of a first, last, and middle name. The person’s age, race, and sex. The date of birth and place of birth are on the certificate.

The certificate will have also have the names of the parents, their ages, and their birth-place as well. All issued birth certificates will have the same vital identifying elements; however, they will not all look the same. Birth certificate requirements can vary from state to state. A certified birth certificate is needed for a number of legal reasons. They are used to obtain government-issued documents such as passports and drivers licenses. Birth certificates are also required so that a social security card can be issued. Due to the nature of the information contained on a birth certificate, once obtained, a birth certificate should always be stored in a secure location not easily accessible to others.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Nevada?

The first requirement in obtaining a birth certificate is to be born in Nevada. Birth Certificates for a person are issued in the state they are born in. Length of residence in a state does not determine where you can get a birth certificate from. For example, if you were born in Arizona, but were moved to Nevada as an infant, and lived in Nevada your entire life, your birth certificate will still have to be issued by the state of Arizona. In Nevada, if you were born in a Clark County hospital, your record of birth is registered with Clark County. The Southern Nevada Health District’s vital records office issues the birth certificates for Clark County. Births that did not occur in a hospital, a home birth, for example, must be registered with the state vital records offices. If you were born outside of Clark County, but in the state of Nevada, birth certificates can be obtained at the Nevada State Office of Vital Records.

You can obtain a birth certificate by the visiting the Nevada Vital Health Records office. For newborns born in a hospital, the hospital sends the birth information to the vital records office. The office will then mail the parent the birth certificate. In this instance, it is not necessary to request a birth certificate; it is automatically issued at birth. Birth certificates usually arrive within weeks after a birth is reported, however there are several factors that can affect the processing time of a birth certificate. If you have not received a birth a certificate after a birth in the hospital or a report of birth to the records office, then you will need to order a birth certificate.

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Nevada Birth Certificate Request

Requests for a birth certificate may be made in person at the vital records office. You can also request a birth certificate via telephone or online. In order to request a birth certificate, you must provide information about the birth. The birth certificate request will include details about the person such as their full name, the date they were born, and the place they were born. The person making the request for a birth certificate must also provide information that establishes the relationship they have with the person they are requesting a birth certificate for. You have to have an established relationship with the person, either legal or blood, to request to birth certificate. This prevents the requests and issuance of birth certificates by people who have no relationship to someone.

Nevada Birth Certificate Application

As stated earlier, birth certificate requests can be made in person at the vital records office, via telephone by contacting the vital records or online. If applying for the birth certificate in person, you will need to bring the necessary documents needed to successfully complete the application. Another more efficient option would be to apply for a birth certificate online. In the state of Nevada, you can apply online for a birth certificate at

The information needed is the same whether the application is done in person or via online. Once on the website, you will need to provide the person’s name, when they were born, where they were born and the date they were born. After entering that information, you will then need to provide information regarding the person making the request, in order to establish the relationship. You will also need to provide the reason for the birth certificate. The parent’s information is also needed for the application. Birth certificates will usually have the name of both parents on it, however if the parents are not married, there must be written consent by the father to have his name on the certificate. A single woman cannot give the name of the father for birth certificate purposes.

The father must complete a declaration of paternity in order to have his name on the certificate, when the parents are not married. If there is no declaration of paternity on record, the father’s name will not be listed on the birth certificate. Once all the information is provided, there is a processing fee that must be paid in order to complete the application process. After the information is reviewed and verified, the order will be sent and processed.

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