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It wasn’t just perhaps but a decade ago that obtaining any vital record was a practice of waiting and patience, as the normal flow of this documentation processing could take up to months to turn around. Just beginning the process in person at the state or United States postal office could entail standing in a long line only to receive the proper forms and then returning home to gather needed information, to fill these out then either return to the office or by sending the forms through the mail itself to wait even longer for the documents and sometimes needing more information before processing was finally complete in some cases. 

However, technology has arrived and this can be considered a true panacea for many that simply do not have time to wait for these documents to be processed for such lengthy periods. Add to that, with the current social distancing federal guidelines involving mitigation currently in place, individuals more than ever are not keen on standing in line or being in crowds whatsoever and understandably so. 

Thus, the process for attaining a birth certificate in Michigan or anywhere else in the United States just became much more convenient than ever before.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Michigan?

There are 83 counties in the state of Michigan to serve someone needing a birth certificate and these vital records services are readily available in each one of them, respectfully enough. 

In the case of smaller populated areas, one can obtain a copy of a birth certificate at their local City Clerk or Administrative office building without too much hassle. In this case, a person would just need the phone number to that local city or county office and an administrative clerk would be there to assist them during normal business hours with the request and notify them when the documents have been retrieved and are available. From there, the certificate can be mailed out to the requestor themselves or they can pick up a copy at the building itself. 

Sometimes both requestors and local city or county offices are more comfortable with a written request, and of course, these can be processed through the United States Postal Service. Others who have adequate internet service in their area, and are comfortable doing so, can also request this to a designated clerk at the office via electronic mail. Through email, a clerk or administrative person can attach a reply via PDF form where the requestor of the document can then print up at home or at an office supply store. 

No matter what, the first step in this process to retrieve the birth certificate would be to obtain the city office phone number, be connected to the correct department, and follow the procedure they layout from there. 

But with that said, some of the locales within Michigan are larger and not as quaint for conducting business like others in smaller locales, nor as familiar for that matter. Thus there are other options to examine.

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Michigan Birth Certificate Request

The convenience with requesting a vital document in Michigan has never been more simple and easy than nowadays, and this would once again be the case with birth certificates as well. It is highly recommended if at all possible, to start the request on-line to again help expedite the process and rather not have to wait in line in person at a local office. 

The on-line application forms are now safe, secure and HIPPA compliant. The websites utilized also have a support number for any questions and to receive updates on the progress of the document requested.

Michigan Birth Certificate Application

Seeing is believing and by just going into the following link here, and this will definitely be the case as to just how simple and easy the application process is. Once you get onto the site itself, just scroll to the bottom and enter your state (in this case Michigan) and begin filling out the information on the next screen. 

You can fill this out for yourself or someone else as long as you have their basic information to include city and date of birth most importantly. After this, you will need the full name of the child listed at birth, the full names of the parents, sex, whether adopted or not, and any name changes (only applicable if the child was adopted). 

If you are applying for another person, they will need your relationship status, the reason you are applying, and the number of copies needed. You also have the option of having the processing expedited if need so. Finally, you will need to enter your own personal information and a Driver’s license or Michigan state Identification number will be required here. They will also need a phone number and an email address in case the department needs to contact you with any questions. 

Following this, you have a chance to review everything before the actual submittal. After satisfied and the information is submitted, one should receive an immediate email notification/verification from Vital Records.

Current processing times will vary. The average turnaround time in the United States is about 4 to 8 weeks, but it may be quicker through Michigan. Some even claim it can be completed as fast as 3 to 5 business days. No matter what, this time

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