Maryland Birth Certificate

There are a few international countries with large populations that do not require a certified birth certificate when a child is born. The international organization – UNICEF is seeking to change this injustice. The United States makes a certificate of a birth a requirement. Every certificate contains the full name of the baby. 

Additional information consists of where the baby was born, both parent’s name and personal information, the time of the birth. Also, the gender of the child, and often the baby’s hand and/or footprint is registered. As a legal document, a birth certificate is often used as a witness document in other fields like obtaining a driver’s license, entering college, passport, work benefits, social security card, etc.

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Birth Certificate History of Maryland

The General Assembly in Maryland has no state birth records from the 1800s to 1865. At the end of the year of 1865 Maryland began to record births. However, full compliance of recording births did not occur until the year 1910 in Baltimore. Not all Maryland counties recorded births during this timeframe. In Maryland, the government agency that handles all requests for Maryland birth certificates is the Department of Health-Division of Vital Records in Baltimore. 

Maryland complies by the “REAL ID Act.” The Homeland Security Agency asked Congress to pass this Act to ensure that all identification forms of documents are real. In 2005, Congress passed the Act concentrating on employee related workplaces that feature nuclear power, commercial aircraft businesses and all types of Federal facilities. 

Today, the REAL ID Act is used in every U.S. state whenever businesses or individuals requests a copy of their identification papers like birth certificates. The state of Maryland requires that any ID related document is compliant with the REAL ID Act. When you don’t understand the minutia of obtaining a new birth certificate in the state of Maryland, choose US Birth Certificates 2020.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Maryland?

A. New Births

Parents of a newborn don’t necessarily go home right away with a Maryland birth certificate. Yes, hospitals will help parents fill out a birth certificate form. Most states, including Maryland require a minimal fee for a birth certificate. Information required will be based on the parent’s personal information like social security numbers and proof of identification. 

As an FYI, if the parents have not decided on the first name of the baby, you can change the birth certificate at a later date adding the baby’s full name. Parents generally have up to six months to change the name on the birth certificate. 

When the full name of the newborn and the identification of the parents are all proven, the road to a birth certificate begins. Both parents sign the birth certificate form and the hospital staff will mail it to the Maryland Vital Records Office. The parents will receive the official birth certificate in the mail within two weeks.

B. Re-Issuance of Birth Certificates

The reissuance of a Maryland birth certificate is granted to individuals who fall into the following categories:

• A person requesting their own birth certificate

• A parent identified on the certificate.

• A court-appointed guardian of the person named on the certificate. Guardian must show proof of their guardianship with a notarized document.

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Maryland Birth Certificate Request

All requests for a certified birth certificate in Maryland is sought through the Prince George’s County Health Department in Hyattsville, Maryland. If birth certificates are requested that are from the 1940s and earlier must be obtained from the Vital Records Division in Baltimore, Maryland. You may request your birth certificate both in person and online. 

A $25.00 fee is required for each certificate. You may request a copy of your birth certificate by filling out an online form on the website. However, you must make a photocopy of your photo ID to be sent with your application and fee. Alternative forms of identification can include a utility bill, school ID, or property tax bill. Any documents that will prove your identification to the state of Maryland.

For birth certificates in any of the Maryland counties where you were born, requests should go through the health department in that county jurisdiction.

Maryland Birth Certificate Application

To get a copy of your birth certificate in the state of Maryland, the state requires you to contact the Maryland Department of Health. You may appear in person or go to their website. Individuals may download a birth certificate application. The application is then mailed with a small fee to the Division of Vital Records. 

Naturally, the quickest way to get a certified birth certificate is generally done through the Health Department of the Office of Vital Records in Maryland. However, to save you time, emotions, and energy, use the services of qualified companies like our website does. You simply stay home and fill out the online application and wait for the evidence of your birth to arrive in the mail.

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