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Your birth certificate is the gateway to a lot of official things in the state of Maine. You need it for pretty much everything that involves proving your identity to the state and the federal government. However, getting it can be a massive problem for a lot of people. There are certain laws on the books in the state of Maine that might make it difficult for certain people to get their birth certificate. There are a lot of considerations that need to be made before you start the process, and it might be better for you to get help. There are a lot of professionals out there who have the necessary knowledge of the process that can take your hand and lead you through the process so that you can come out with your birth certificate clean and clear.

Another thing to think about is that Maine is a very rule state. In fact, it is so rural that for a significant part of its history, no accurate records were being kept. The local city or municipality kept these records, and those records were kept in a very poor state. That is why you might find that for all records before 1892, only about 20% of those will be accurate and up-to-date. The majority of the rest were lost, or they were not recorded at all.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Maine?

If you are going to get a birth certificate in Maine after the year 1892, it is a lot easier than before that date. The main thing you need to remember is you have to access the Maine division of Public health to get such records. In today’s day and age, this government office is called the Department of health and human services. This office is where you will get your records, and it is accessible to you, depending on who you are in relation to the person you are requesting it for. The price is relatively low compared to other states. There are only a few people who can request a record. The first thing you have to do is to check that you are one of those people. All birth certificates less than 75 years old are considered private, and it won’t just be open to the public. You have to be the person who is on the birth certificate before you can access it.

There are also provisions for other people to access your birth certificate such as, your parents listed on the birth certificate or even descendants who want to learn more about you. You can also get access to the birth certificate if you are a genealogist who has been certified by the state of Maine to access such records. However, this is relatively rare and is not something that you will encounter often. Once you have determined that you are legally able to access the record, the next step is to file a request. However, before you submit that request, you have to provide positive identification to make sure that you are actually legally allowed to get the documents you want. There are certain forms of positive identification that are acceptable in the state of Maine.

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Maine Birth Certificate Request

Once you have gotten a form of identification that the state of Maine accepts for birth certificate requests, it is time to make your request. There are a few ways to do this. The first way is you can have a company walk you through the process and do everything for you. It will cost you a fee, but this type of company is usually one that is reputable enough that the state of Maine trusts them to do the right thing. The other thing you can do is to do everything yourself, which might seem difficult at first, but it isn’t too hard once you get the hang of it. Like with anything dealing with the government, it is all about filling out the right forms. These forms are usually available on the website, and you have to pay a small fee of about $15 for access to the birth certificate.

To not waste any time, make sure you are actually one of the people who are allowed to access this record before you get started. There is no point in starting the process only to find out that you weren’t legally able to access the document in the first place. Better to just not waste your time than to do all this work for nothing. Once you are totally sure that you can get this document, you can work on starting the application process.

Maine Birth Certificate Application

As mentioned above, certain companies can help you fill out the application. Companies like ours have a wealth of experience filling out this application for people. They walk you through the process and show you everything you need to do to get the birth certificate from Maine. However, this will be for people who want to do everything themselves.

You start by going to the website and downloading the PDF file that they have. You then complete the application. After you have done that, you mail in the completed document along with your form of identification. Once you have proven that you have a direct and legitimate reason for requesting this document, it will be processed. The price is $15 if you are getting one document, and $6 if you would like additional copies of the same document. The price is relatively low compared to other states in the country. However, you can also get a cheaper document that is unofficial for $10. Once that request has been mailed off, you will receive a response from the state of Maine within a few days to a few weeks. After that, you will receive all the birth certificate documents you requested in the mail. The process is relatively smooth as long as you can prove you have a bona fide connection to the person whose birth certificate you are requesting.

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