Louisiana Birth Certificate

Birth certificates in Louisiana are a legal document completed by the nurse or doctor, or authorized agent, at the hospital or location in Louisiana where a child is born. The birth certificate includes the chosen name of the child, the name of the mother, the father, the attending physician, location, date and time of birth. It is important that the information on the application for a birth certificate signed by the mother and attending medical staff be accurate, including the father’s name.

A birth certificate will be used throughout the child’s life. It is required to apply for a social security number with the Social Security Administration. A certified copy will also be required for school records, including college, military service and some job applications. Changes to the birth record are difficult, including changing the name of the father if there is a discrepancy. It is important to verify all information on the original application of birth certificate before the documents are signed by the initiating parent. This is a legal document, and as such, needs to be maintained accurately. This document is for life and can only be changed by the courts.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Louisiana?

First and foremost, the individual must be born within the state of Louisiana to receive a Louisiana birth certificate. If the child is born in another state, then they must record the birth in that state. After the birth of the child, the attending medical staff will prepare an application for a birth certificate for the parent to notate the name of the child and to sign the document. The medical records will show the birth location and the date, time, weight, sex and any other pertinent information regarding the child.

After being submitted to the State of Louisiana, a courtesy certified copy of the birth certificate will be mailed to the parent or guardian of record within 6 to 10 months of the date of birth. If a copy is needed sooner, there are procedures to obtain a certified copy, including submission of an application, fees and proof of identification.

Throughout their life, the individual may need to obtain a certified copy of their birth certificate for a number of reasons, especially in adulthood with the original copy usually remaining with parents. To do so the requestor may appear in person, or proceed by mail, fax, phone or online. In-person applications may be submitted to Vital Records in New Orleans or at selected authorized clerk or kiosk locations within Louisiana.

Birth certificate US

Louisiana Birth Certificate Request

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It can become perplexing insuring you provide proper documentation of identity and relationship to the person listed on an application. It may be frustrating just to make sure the application is completed correctly, When you add in the correct calculation of fees and where and how to submit the application, and the time delays cost for corrections, it is definitely a wise decision to use a professional service. Your data and identity are protected, follow up access is a phone call, text message or email away, and processing times are reduced for this sometimes lengthy process.

Louisiana Birth Certificate Application

The application for a certified copy of a birth certificate in Louisiana requires that the applicant provide proof of eligibility to receive the copy. Birth certificates are issued in long-form and short-form. The long-form includes all of the pertinent information, whereas, the short-form only includes the basic information about the birth. Fees vary with a certified long-form birth certificate costing $15 for each copy and a short-form certificate running $9 each. Please note that there may be additional charges for mail-in orders, expedited processing, etc. The delivery of the birth certificate will normally take 10 to 12 weeks to process and receive when the application is not submitted in-person.

Louisiana is considered to be a closed-records state, meaning that birth certificates are not public records. All requests must include an application, the correct fees and identification from the person authorized to request a copy. The people who may request a certified copy of birth certificate include the person whose name is printed on the certificate, their current spouse, or the mother or father named on the birth certificate. Also authorized are an adult child of the person so named, a sister or brother, a grandparent of the person named on the document or a grandchild. An attorney representing one of the legally authorized people listed above may also obtain a copy.

It is important to provide proper identification and proof of the relationship to the person named on the birth certificate. Appropriate fees should be accurately calculated and submitted with the application. The process, unfortunately, can be time-consuming and frustrating.

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