Kentucky Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is the first identifying document issued by the government when a child is born. It may surprise you to hear that a birth certificate is of a dire need for an individual’s life. This is from enrolling in school to getting a government photo ID. In fact, everybody born in Kentucky requires a birth certificate as proof of citizenship. However, a birth certificate should not be confused with birth registration.

Generally speaking, birth registration involves recording an infant’s birth with the relevant government authority. Birth registration provides legitimate acknowledgment of the infant and is a prime requirement for access to birth certificates. However, lack of recognition will ultimately put the life of a child at stake since he/she may lack access to critical government services like health care, to mention a few. A valid birth certificate opens up a myriad of opportunities for a child, such as:

 Access to government benefits

 Access to education

 A proof for inheritance

 A tool for protection

 Evidence of an individual’s age

Nevertheless, in Kentucky, it is has become a culture to submit a birth registration, of which the process takes too much time before processing. In most instances, this is caused by an application with non-legitimate information deciphering from the record’s office. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t apply for a birth certificate.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Kentucky?

Birth certificates here are only issued by the state in which the birth occurred. They may incorporate a fee, or the inquirer may be asked to justify the identity of the applicant. Nevertheless, the good news is that a birth certificate is the most accessible document to obtain regardless of whether you want to replace a damaged one or you you want to have another copy in hand.

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Kentucky Birth Certificate Request

Only certified individuals are allowed to receive an authorized birth certificate in Kentucky. However, each state has its own set of rules for ordering birth certificates. A valid birth certificate has a multicolored seal, among other official registrar’s verifications. Below is a list of legitimate parties who qualify for certified birth certificates

 A parent or a legal guardian of the registrant

 A child, spouse or a domestic partner related to the registrant

 An entitled party to receive the birth certificate or an attorney seeking to comply with jurisdictions

 A member of a law enforcement agency or government agency who is carrying out lawful business.

 An attorney or any person appointed by the court to act on behalf of the registrant

The primary difference between a certified and informational birth certificate is their usage. For one to prove a child’s identity or age, a certified birth certificate is needed, but to identify someone’s state, an information copy serves the best. Another significant dissimilarity is the requestor who can request and receive the certificate. For a certified certificate, only the above-discussed individuals can order, but for an informational copy, individuals with no legal requirements can typically request and receive them.

Kentucky Birth Certificate Application

To submit a birth certificate application, you only require providing a copy of your photo ID. Thanks to the online services as the process of making unnecessary trips to vital records office is now streamlined. However, before application, ensure the service is from a reputed and recognized company. The following tips can help in the prompt processing of your birth certificate order.

1. Double-check your entered information for spelling and date mistakes.

2. Provide accurate contact details just in case verification is required.

3. Read all the provided information carefully before filling the form to avoid delay in your birth certificate request. 

4. Provide all the documentation needed to prove legitimacy. 

Upon accomplishment of the above, be guaranteed your request will be processed within a couple of business days. The majority of birth certificates in Kentucky are processed within 30 business days. Nevertheless, if the application is made during peak periods, it may take a bit longer. Considering that Kentucky’s vital records do not offer quick services, it is wise to apply your birth certificate ahead of time. Kentuckians who wish to avail a quick and easy birth certificate application can put their worries to U.S. Birth Certificate. It is neither affiliated nor operated by any government agency. We offer a package of quick and easy online service as rolled out below.

 Unlimited expert assistance all-round the clock

 Secured services using the most trustable encryption techniques

 Personalized revision service to ensure your request is neither rejected nor delayed

 Cash-back guarantee

Unlike other online services, with us, your application won’t get lost or be sent to another service for processing. All orders are processed in conjunction with the issuing government agency. Place an order with us today and significantly spare your time! 

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