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Getting an Indiana Birth Certificate may seem like a daunting task, however this may not be the case for you at all. A birth certificate may be required to conduct business as well as perform various tasks within your state. Were you born in Indiana and possibly lost your original birth certificate? Maybe your original birth certificate form from Indiana was destroyed in a natural disaster, or it is too old and is hard to read. Whatever the case, you have come to the right place! M

any people may feel that a birth certificate cannot be replaced in the event it is lost, stolen, or destroyed from a natural disaster. We fully understand the importance of a birth certificate and the ramifications of not having one in your possession. It is quite possible you need a birth certificate to apply for a government service such as Medicaid or Social Security benefits.

You could also require a birth certificate for other reasons, such as a marriage license, school/college attendance, or many other legal reasons. This is understandable and we’re here to help you acquire your birth certificate for whatever your need might be. We understand the importance of having a birth certificate.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Indiana?

Getting a copy of your birth certificate can be accomplished in several ways. You can go straight to your local health department. This can be done in person, but involves travel to your local office. Ensure they are open for business before you make the trip. Fees for this may vary, so ensure you check their website for further details. Secondly, you can go online to the ISDH Vital Records website. You can apply using a major credit card. You can also call the ISDH vital records via phone as well.

As we all know, either one of these options may seem easy enough but can cause delay due to the wait required to receive your birth certificate. Lastly, you can also go online and print the Form 49607 and apply via mail. You must send in a check or money order. All of these services may take quite some time to receive word back from the agency. Often times the agency will need additional documentation from you. Also, depending on when you were born, these services could take longer because of how historical documentation was kept during this period of time.

Birth certificates that were not scanned into a PDF and stored on a cloud-based server at the time of birth could be harder to locate. This is because of the implementation of digital storage options. Often times documents were not scanned even later on in time. If your birth certificate is required to be located from old files, this could extend the time required to locate your birth certificate.

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Indiana Birth Certificate Request

Requesting a copy of your birth certificate requires that you either work directly with an agent at one of your local offices, apply online, or through the mail system. These requirements are mandatory and in order to process your application successfully, you need to ensure you supply them the correct information up front to avoid errors in the process.

Applying online uses a service called VitalChek, which is a verification service that will ensure you are the person making the application. If you choose to, you can also apply directly from the website which is the direct government website to locate your Indiana birth certificate. If you choose to request your birth certificate by phone, you will need to supply your credit card in order to apply. If you choose to apply in person, one downside to applying this way is that you must visit the office where you were born. If you were born outside the city you live, revisiting may or may not be an issue for you.

For this reason, applying online or by phone may make the most sense for you. In any case, you do indeed have options for ordering your birth certificate. You simply need to make note of your individual situation and make a decision based on what your needs are. In the end, your decision of the method you decide to use is your choice to make.

Indiana Birth Certificate Application

One other method exists to receive your birth certificate, and this method is a service we offer to our customers. If some of the above application processes seem daunting to you, please feel free to let us handle the process for you. Please visit Once you navigate to the site you will then be greeted by the words “Get Your Filled Form”.

From this point further you can rest assured that the process to get an Indiana birth certificate is the most straight-forward and easy thing you could think of! In about 10 minutes of your time, you could be done and be moving on to bigger and better things. Pour a cup of coffee and let us begin the process of applying for your birth certificate. What if you were born outside of Indiana? You can still apply on our site! Obviously, you found this article based on a search of birth certificates from the state of Indiana, but we can still help you apply even if you were born in California or New York or Florida!

So from the drop-down, pick the state in which you were born and then click “next”. After you click “next”, you will then enter pertinent information that applies to who you are and where you were born. The information is necessary for us to procure your birth certificate, so rest assured we will use your information for that purpose and only that purpose. Nice! You are almost done with the process! Doesn’t it feel good to know you are almost finished and will be receiving your birth certificate in a timely manner with no fuss? Getting a copy of your birth certificate does not have to be difficult, and our system makes it an easy stream-lined process that anyone can do!

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