Hawaii Birth Certificate

In Hawaii, whether you live there or were merely born there, there are many reasons why you would want a birth certificate. For one thing, in order to get a social security number, you must normally show either a copy of your birth certificate or a U.S. passport, and you guessed it, except for naturalized citizens, you mush provide your U.S. birth certificate. 

You also need a birth certificate for your children registering for school, to get a driver’s license, obtain employment via a social security number, and to obtain most Federal and State benefits such as food stamps, welfare or Section 8 housing. 

For those born in Hawaii, many people wonder, since Hawaii only became a state in 1959, what about those born in 1958 and earlier. Well, as a territory of the United States, Hawaii began keeping track of vital statistics, including births, back in 1911.

Back in 1911 and later, people were given a Certificate of Live Birth. The program ended in 1972, and today those born earlier get a late birth certificate. 

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Hawaii?

There are only two ways to get a certificate issued for your birth in Hawaii. Either go in person to the Honolulu office or mail in an application. There is also an online application portal.

Since the request form itself has only two boxes, one to fill in the Relationship of the requester to the person being named on the birth certificate, and one for the reason for the request, be sure and send along all pertinent information such as “I am the executor of above-named person estate” along with a copy of a judge’s order naming you as executor.

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Hawaii Birth Certificate Request

According to the Vital Records department, it takes roughly 10 working days to receive a birth certificate ordered online. Because these are officials documents, you will save time ordering a birth certificate, but don’t expect it to arrive via email. Your birth certificate, with all the official seals, will arrive in the mail, so be sure and be careful you have the right mailing address. 

Before ordering online if you are other than the parent, the spouse, or for yourself, then be sure as to call us to be sure that you do not have to submit a mail-in request with proof of why you should be given a copy of someone else’s birth certificate. 

Hawaii Birth Certificate Application

The application is the same but if you mail your application in then you have to pay by money order. No personal checks or cash are accepted, and it will take 6 to 8 weeks to receive it via mail. 

If you order online, then you will pay merely the fee and the processing fee and should receive it in around 10 working days. 

while you can order online as a guest, but the best method is to create a free e-Hawaii account. and then log in and order from there. The reason you would want to do this that you can instantly track the status of your request, while you need to provide various information to track a guest account order.

It should be noted that all requests are irreversible, ie, if the state of Hawaii searches it’s database and does not find the birth certificate you requested, possibly because the information was incorrect or incomplete, you will still be charged for the database search. 

The application form itself is very easy to fill out, and if you merely want to see what it looks like or the information that is requested, go to the link above.

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