D.C. Birth Certificate

Birth certificates are one of the most important documents for a person. There are a number of reasons why it is absolutely essential for a person to have a birth certificate. For example, the birth certificate can serve as a proof of different important factors like the citizenship, age and identity. You may need a birth certificate for getting a passport, a social security number, getting admission in schools and other similar factors. Apart from all of this, you may also need a birth certificate for proof of some relationships like to your parents. It may also be required in getting a marriage license. All of this goes on to prove that there is a monumental importance associated with the birth certificates.

However, it can be observed that a significant portion of the population does not have a birth certificate. One of the major reasons behind this is a prevalent confusion about getting a birth certificate. However, the process is not as tedious as it may appear to be on the surface. There are proper channels and operations that you can use to get a birth certificate made easily. The process is much easier today as compared to past times.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in District of Columbia?

There are two main types of birth certificates. The two types include a short form birth certificate and a long form birth certificate. The short form birth certificates provide a general overview of some details about the individual. On the other hand, the long form birth certificates show information about the related individual in an in-depth fashion. In the year 2010, it was announced that the Vital Records Division was not going to issue a computerized version of short form birth certificates. However, the Vital Records department would continue to provide fully certified versions of long form birth certificates.

A price of $23 would be charged for it. It is also important to mention that the short form birth certificates are null and void for many legal purposes. In many cases, they cannot be used for identification purposes as well. Hence, the preferable option here in this case is a long form birth certificate.

Also, there are some additional factors that you must pay heed to. You must mail the application with a stamped envelope along the payment. Also, you must put in a copy of any unexpired government document that can be used for your identification purposes. Also, if you have any additional questions, you can contact the relevant department at 1 (877) 572-6332.

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D.C. Birth Certificate Request

The relevant body for this request is DC Vital Records Division or the DCVRD. This body has birth certificates that date back to 1874. Birth records of individuals are made public after 125 years. All other certificates are closed documents and there is a proper channel of obtaining them. To get a birth certificate that is not 125 years or older, you will need to follow these channels. As per the law, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and friends cannot request a birth certificate.

However, if you are a parent, sibling, child, legal guardian or legal representative, you can request for a birth certificate. If you are looking to request your own birth certificate, you need to be at least 18 years old. Also, you will need identification documents with the same name as your birth certificate. If the names do not match, you will be asked to provide legal evidence of name change. This legal document is most commonly in the form of a court sealed name change order. On the other hand, if you are a new parent, you are not going to get a birth certificate automatically. In this case, you must work on getting a DC birth certificate as soon as possible. This action will make sure that the birth of your child was registered properly.

District of Columbia Birth Certificate Application

It is also essential for you to know about the birth certificate application in the District of Columbia. If you are requesting birth certificates for multiple individuals, you will be required to submit a separate application form for each individual. Moreover, you will be asked to pay multiple fees for multiple applications. Also, expired IDs cannot be used for this form. You can use an unexpired driver’s license, passport or state ID card. These are the primary identification.

However, if you are unable to come up with a primary ID, you will be required to come up with at least three secondary IDs. These include W-2 forms, work ID, social security card, court orders, school ID, veteran ID, military IA, car registration, federal census record and current utility bill. Apart from this, you will be required to specify your relationship to the person whose birth certificate you are requesting. You will be required to present some evidence in this regard too.

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