Arizona Birth Certificate

A birth certificate in Arizona is provided by the Arizona Department of Health Services or the local county health department office of vital records. Arizona is a closed record state and that means, that only certain individuals are able to request and receive a certified copy of a birth certificate. You can only be provided with a birth certificate in Arizona by the Arizona Department of Health Services if you are born in Arizona.

A birth certificate can be used in various ways: to obtain a passport, it is a document to prove you have a right to be employed in the USA, for school registration, it is a proof of citizenship, can be used when applying for social security benefits, among other legal purposes. In order to obtain a birth certificate in Arizona’s office of vital records, there are certain procedures you need to follow whether you lost it or you need a new copy. You must determine whether you’re eligible for a birth certificate, know all the supporting documents you need, find your local county health department, find out if you need to appear in person, fill out the application and request for it.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Arizona?

In order to get a birth certificate in Arizona, you must be 18 years or older. The individuals who are not on the birth certificate are required to submit supporting documents. The following are individuals who qualify to order a birth certificate in Arizona:

• The registrant on the certificate.

• A parent of the registrant.

• A foster parent listed on the certificate.

• A spouse of the person whose name is on the certificate.

• An adult child of the registrant.

• An adult brother or sister of the registrant. 

• A guardian who has legal custody of a minor child.

• An attorney that is representing the registrant, biological parents, or adoptive parents.

• A person or agency that has a court’s authorization to represent the registrant. 

The following are the documents required:

• An individual requesting a birth certificate must present a valid government photo ID and a notarized signature. 

• Parent(s) named should present valid a government photo ID and notarized signature.

• The spouse must submit the marriage certificate or a notarized letter signed by the registrant and a government photo ID plus a notarized signature.

• An adult child should submit a birth certificate to show the registrant is your parent and a valid photo ID plus a notarized signature.

• Adult siblings should submit a birth certificate to show you have common parents with the registrant and a valid photo ID and a notarized signature.

• Grandparents present their child’s birth certificate to show they are parents of the registrant’s parents. A valid photo ID and notarized signature.

• Guardians require an order of guardianship and valid photo ID plus a notarized signature.

• Attorneys should provide evidence of the relationship with the registrant or a minor registrant’s parents. 

• An adoptive agency should provide evidence of their status such as court records. 

• Other government certified individuals should also provide evidence such as court records. 

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Arizona Birth Certificate Request

When requesting for a birth certificate in Arizona you should inquire if you’re required to appear in person. If your request entails some circumstances you should make an appointment with the office of vital records. The circumstances include delayed birth registration, foreign birth registration, adoption, putative father searches, and registration, and amendments of birth records. 

Locate your local health department and confirm its operation hours. A number of county health departments offer walk-in service to request your birth certificate in Arizona. However, walk-in service is no longer offered in The Arizona Department of Health Services, Phoenix. You can, however, request a copy of your birth certificate by checking the county health departments’ office of vital records list on their website. 

Other county health departments only accept mail-in requests only. In order for you to learn about the information on your county health departments request requirements, you should check the back of the birth certificate request form. 

Use this link to find out information on how to request for a birth certificate in Arizona for different counties. It contains information on the local health departments for each county in Arizona.

Arizona Birth Certificate Application

For the application process, you should download the birth certificate order form. The birth certificate form is found on the Arizona Department of Health Services website. The form is available in both English and Spanish, download the form and print it. You also have the option to type directly into the form before printing it out. Another option is you can also apply for your birth certificate online via US birth certificate a privately owned online corporation. US birth certificate helps you to get your authorized birth certificate fast without queuing for any county and state.

The next step is to fill out the payment information section, that is the first section of the form. It costs $20 for one copy of a certified birth certificate. Cash and personal checks payments are not allowed and you can only pay through Visa or MasterCard, money order, or a cashier’s check. Ensure you sign and date this section.

Fill out and provide complete information on the birth certificate information section including registrant’s full name, sex, date of birth, parents name, and your place of birth.

Provide your own personal information and fill out the individual requesting section. If you are not the registrant, provide evidence of your relationship to the registrant.

After you are done completing the whole form, you are supposed to get notarized by a notary public. Submit the filled out form, all the supporting documents and required fee. Ensure you include:

• A copy of the front and back of your government photo ID.

• Proof you’re eligible to order a birth certificate.

• Proof of payment on the fee.

• An envelope that’s self-addressed.

You can expedite your order to acquire your birth certificate quicker.

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