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A United States birth certificate is a document proving your birth inside the United States therefore it is also used as proof of citizenship. The document is issued by the state that the birth took place. A birth certificate is needed to obtain a driver’s license, official identification, United States passport, and can be used as proof of identity to obtain a marriage certificate.

Birth certificates from Alabama are filed by the Alabama Center for Health Statistics. The information on the document is confidential and is restricted to the public for 125 years after the date of birth. A birth certificate has an 11 digit number used for identification. The birth certificate will also have the person’s full name, birth date, birthplace, sex, and full names of both parents unless one parent is unknown. Also on the birth certificate should be a notarized signature of a state Public Health worker. You can purchase keepsake versions of a birth certificate but keep in mind these are not certified copies and can’t be used in any official capacity although they make great keepsakes.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Alabama?

To get a birth certificate from Alabama, you have to be one of the following:

● Person named on the certificate

● Mother, father, or legal guardian

● Husband or wife of person named on certificate

● Son or daughter of person named on certificate

● Sister or brother of person named on certificate

● Legal representative of an authorized person

Also, a form of identification such as any US state-issued driver’s license, non-driver identification, or US Passport is required. There is a full list of accepted forms of identification, which is too exhaustive to list here but the list can be found through the Alabama Public Health website. The cost of a birth certificate from Alabama is $15.00 for the first certified copy and $6.00 for each additional copy when ordered at the same time as the first copy. You have the option to pay an additional $15.00 if you would like your request expedited.

For people who have been involved in an adoption, a legitimation, or another type of legal paternity determination, the State of Alabama prepares a second birth certificate that replaces the original in the official records. The new birth certificate will then be their official birth certificate with the legal parents listed as birth parents.

The original is then placed in a “sealed file.” The birth parents have the ability to place certain information in the “sealed file” such as medical history, contact information, and other information that might be important to the adoptee that will not be shown on their new birth certificate. The birth parents can also determine whether or not they would like to allow the adoptee information on how to contact them. After the adoptee turns 19, they can obtain a non-certified copy of their “sealed file.”

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Alabama Birth Certificate Request

Requests for birth certificates from Alabama can be made through any of the below three channels. You will need to provide ID, payment, and as much of the following as possible:

● Full name of person at birth

● Date of birth

● Sex

● County or city of birth

● Hospital of birth – if not in a hospital state “home”

● Full name of mother/parent before first marriage

● Full name of father/parent before first marriage

● Your name

● Your signature

● Your relationship to the person whose certificate you are requesting

● Address where the certificate is to be mailed

● Your daytime phone number

Someone needing a copy of their birth certificate from the State of Alabama has a few options on where to obtain one.

  1. A copy can be obtained in person at any county health department in the State of Alabama. In most cases, the birth certificate will be issued while you wait.
  2. If you are unable to go to any county health department in the State of Alabama, you may download the application at the Alabama Public Health website and mail the application in to: Alabama Vital Records, P.O. Box 5625, Montgomery, Alabama 36103-5625.
  3. Request a certificate online. You can request a copy of your a birth certificate from Alabama online at using a credit card as well.

If your request is being made through the mail or online do not forget to have a copy of your ID you will be able to send in either via mail or uploading via the internet.

Alabama Birth Certificate Application

To obtain a birth certificate from Alabama there is an application that the applicant will need to complete. The application needs to be completed and signed by the person requesting the birth certificate. You can designate someone different to pick up the document on your behalf, but identification will be required for both parties if the request is for a restricted birth certificate (birth certificates less than 125 years since birth or less than 25 years from the date of death). They also have a version of the application written in Spanish. Questions regarding the application can be answered by calling 334-206-5418.

Perhaps the birth certificate you need is from another state but you have found this article nonetheless. That is fine because US Birth Certificates is a site where you can order your birth certificate from the comfort of your home for any state in the United States. This article focuses on information specific to get a birth certificate from Alabama but is the site to get information and order any US birth certificate. The fees and requirements will vary from state to state to go to US Birth Certificates for details on the state you need.

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