Birth Certificates US is a non-governmental institution and is not bound, managed or held by any government in any way, it is a privately owned corporation. Birth Certificates US is an autonomous developer assisting in the preparation of Vital records application process to its customers. In case you are in search of a plain application form you are welcome to obtain it free of charge at the appointed state vital records office.

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If the state is "New York", keep in mind that it can be "New York" or "New York City".

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We have a well systemized online Vital records application procedure which lets you apply for your Birth certificate from any place in the U.S. in no time.

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Step by step following our guidelines and finalizing the elementary online application form, you can complete your Birth certificate application process for any of the states. You may apply remotely, straight from your room, 24/7, avoiding the tiring, needless travel and the queues at the state vital records office.


Using our clever online utility and customized examination assistance we assure that your application will not get postponed or denied. Our program and crew of professionals will analyze your application carefully, will search for false information, inadequate applicants, failed payments and other daily errors that may end up as endless misuse of your time and funds.

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A legitimate Birth Certificate will serve you for each listed purposes: for travel, identification, proof of citizenship, social security, driver's license, school registration, personal identification, and other legal formalities.

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We made this complicated procedure of obtaining your Birth Certificate much easier, faster and comfortable.

Start choosing your State

If the state is "New York", keep in mind that it can be "New York" or "New York City".